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Dads, boyfriends, valentines, and husbands are all the same – they won’t tell you what they like or desire; so, on each special occasion like the yearly birthday, Father’s Day and even Valentine’s day you end up buying the same boring run-of-the-mill gifts. It is frustrating to deal with the Singaporean, “Up to You Lah!” expression for anything and everything? How can you get your man a personalised gift that will show how grateful and thankful you are for him being a part of your life? These men in your life deserve nothing but the best and you shouldn’t stop till you get it. Time to be kiasu and get some of the coolest, swankiest and masculine gifts that every male desires before it is too late. Here in Singapore, we at Gifts Less Ordinary are probably the only one shop to offer some flamboyant and rare gifts that can be personalised for any occasion.

Looking for gifts for him in Singapore? We’re one of the top websites for online shopping in Singapore, and we’re guaranteed to help you find the perfect gift for the occasion. From dads through to boyfriends, and birthdays through to anniversaries – we cover every type of occasion and type of guy. Because we know just how hard finding the right gift for men can be, we’ve designed our website to make the process of finding the right gift a whole lot easier. We stock an assortment of wine and beer products for the man who has a love for the finer things in love – or just for the guy who loves to have a good wine around the house. For the more practical guy, we have everything from power tools through to things for the garden; we even stock an assortment of books and e-books for the guy who loves to read. If it’s jewellery that you’re looking for, we stock some of the best quality items around, including cufflinks, watches, bracelets and more. All of the jewellery items we stock through our website are guaranteed to be authentic – and you can contact us if you aren’t sure whether it’s the right size for the person you’re buying it for and we’ll help you out. A lot of men are almost obsessive about taking care of their hair, and our gifting guide has everything you could want when it comes to grooming items – from shavers to shampoos, we’re guaranteed to stock top of the line brands and high-quality items. We even stock an assortment of cooking and kitchen-themed items that are perfect for the man who loves to spend time baking or cooking. There’s good reason why we’re one of the top websites for buying gifts for yourself, your loved ones or every possible occasion you could think of: We’ve got every occasion and gift type covered, and if you aren’t sure what to buy, take a closer look at our gifting guide to find gifts listed by occasion or type. We deliver your order in just a few days to most locations in Singapore, although if you aren’t sure whether we have your location covered, get in touch with our support team to check. We also support most forms of online payment, including PayPal, Visa & Mastercard. Looking for the best selection of online gifts to suit every occasion? You’ve found it right here.